Natural Path is a boutique, virtual bookkeeping service that specializes in helping businesses grow through a proactive, personalized hands-on approach.



Lauren Box, CFP®


I’m Lauren and at Natural Path Bookkeeping, we do things differently.

After spending nearly a decade as an investment advisor working in corporate America, I was ready for a fresh start and wanted to pursue a path I was truly passionate about: numbers, the value in all of nature, and business.

I knew that with planning and dedication, I could design a lifestyle that balanced work and what mattered to me the most. I care deeply about our planet and wanted my skills, passions, and values to create a greater impact on the world through business. With this confidence, I was inspired to take actionable steps to simplify my life, lower my expenses, and pursue my dreams of starting my own business.

I started Natural Path Bookkeeping to help organizations be proactive towards their future by providing bookkeeping strategies to organize, budget, and plan ahead to mitigate potential financial risks. I am excited to work with individuals and organizations who share similar values and whose missions are greater than themselves. 

If you would like to learn more about how Natural Path Bookkeeping can help your business grow proactively contact us today.