A Proactive Approach to Managing Your Business


A Better Bookkeeping Experience

Natural Path is not only a simple solution to your day-to-day accounting and budgeting needs – it goes above and beyond it.

With monthly meetings, financial reporting insights, and access to timely and accurate accounting information, you can make better business decisions that impact the future of your business.


How We Can Help




Working with a Xero-certified bookkeeper helps you get financially organized, save time, and reduce potential risks both now and in the future.




You’re a business owner and don’t want to spend the majority of your workday on accounting tasks. We simplify this process by delivering impeccable books on time every month. 



Payroll processing is an essential but often complex activity that can easily add stress to you and your employees. We’ve partnered with Gusto to provide you with full service HR and payroll benefits.


Financial Statements

Receive customized statements and reports of financial position, profitability, and cash flows that tell a story. Schedule monthly or quarterly meetings to discuss performance and areas for improvement.


You're On a Mission and Doing Big Things

  • You need a competent and dependable bookkeeper to handle your accounting and payroll tasks without hiring a full-time employee

  • Your business is growing but making it harder to keep your financial records organized to keep up with growth

  • You value integrity, trust, and excellent communication with someone experienced to support your organization’s needs and mitigate potential risks


Natural Path resources

5 Bookkeeping Tips Every Business Should Follow


Read more about tips and best practices for managing your business from our resources page. 


How We're Different

We are a green company, believe in all things natural, and strive to reduce our carbon footprint in our business practices through technology.

We are passionate about numbers and budgeting.

We enjoy working with organizations whose mission is greater than themselves and helping them thrive with purpose.

I care deeply about our planet and wanted my skills, passions, and values to create a greater impact on the world through business.
— Lauren Box, CFP and Founder